Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Scheduling and Implementation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Scheduling and Implementation - Essay Example It is almost like a unexplainable process for the choosing appropriate deadlines for appropriate tasks. It is like estimating the time based on some features and historical factors in correspondence with the task. When the exact deadlines are not given, this is the method that is chosen to estimate the deadline. If planning is done properly, the project scheduling can almost help in accurately meeting the deadlines. (Haugna 65-68) The networks are not only used to identify the time and material factors. The usage of resources for each task and their allocations can be well planned if proper networking techniques are followed. Simple networking techniques like Gantt charts could help in a large way in identifying the quantity of resources required. Network analysis also helps in maintaining a constant work time for all resources and also ensures equal amount of distribution of work. It helps in identifying the activity times , The resources required for each activity, resources that are available in each category and any other management level restrictions. (Lucey 403) Total float in a project schedule is the delay of performing an activity. This delays the activities that succeed the delaying activity. The delay in total float is allowed by ensuring that it does not affect the total project time. IndependeIndependent Float Independent float of an activity in a project is the slack in the entire scheduling of the corresponding activities. The preceding activity is assumed to begin late and the succeeding activity is assumed to start early. Free Float In a project schedule, the free float is defined as the maximum delay in the performance of the corresponding activity without disturbing the schedule of the succeeding activity. Remaining Float In a project schedule the activities may be scheduled to begin late. In this situation the remaining float is the maximum amount of speed permitted in the work of an activity. It is made sure that it does not affect the activity that precedes the particular activity. This does not reduce the duration of activity, but working on the particular activity even before it starts its execution. (Lock 80) Why should an organization be charted An organization should be charted to know the structure of the organization. It depicts the internal relationship between the various departments and the employees. The organization chart clearly shows the employees and their hierarchy. It is also used to represent the people working in a particular team. Charting an organization will define the roles and responsibilities of each and every employee in that organization. It helps in establishing the strategies for team work and assists in the decision making process. (Lock 100) Discuss the importance of personal agreement and commitment to a schedule. Once a schedule is planned and designed it should be followed. There should be a commitment to the planned schedule. If any of the activity in a schedule is modified or altered, it will definitely affect the other activities in the schedule. This will result in the time delay of the project which in turn will affect

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