Friday, October 4, 2019

Pollution in Lake Michigan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Pollution in Lake Michigan - Research Paper Example The researcher states that Wetlands present one of the greatest opportunities for conservation exercises, in a modern world faced by myriad environmental scares. Inland lakes everywhere in the world are perhaps among the only environmental treasures that the world has to protect due to their diversity and environmental importance. In the United States, pollution continues to be the major threat to the integrity of such treasures, which have a chance to be protected with the right approaches. The importance of the Great lakes that hold about a fifth of the entire earth’s fresh water cannot be ignored. Pollution concerns of the Great Lakes have been raised by conservationists, inspiring conservation interventions to be designed and carried out. A highlight of the state of pollution, pollutants and conservation interventions at Lake Michigan is made in this discourse. Specific projects already on the ground by various interagency cooperation plans include the elimination of basic pollution regulations implementation plans around the Lake with follow-ups by state and federal authorities being placed under strict watch. Some of the individual conservation projects carried out by various agencies on the Lake include those by; Michigan Dune Alliance and Michigan Farmland Protection among others. It is then concluded that the Lake Michigan Shorelands Alliance is powerful agency that facilitates the conservation input at the Lake, alongside other government and non-governmental agencies at the site.

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