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†REFLECTION Monitoring and Ensuring Quality Care

†REFLECTION Monitoring and Ensuring Quality Care Presentation The reason for this paper is to consider an ongoing individual encounter of patient consideration, which empowered me to accomplish a module 9 competency, Actively tries to broaden own insight. I will be fundamentally investigating one nursing practice episode utilizing Boud, et al (1985) model of reflection, (it would be ideal if you see index 1) which will empower me to screen and guarantee quality patient consideration in future practice. The nursing occurrence happened when I was caring for a patient requiring enteral cylinder taking care of (ETF). Note that all classified data identifying with patients, wards, emergency clinics and expert associates has not been remembered for this paper to guarantee moral practice and adherence to the NMC code of expert lead, area 5 which certifies that I should make preparations for penetrates of classification (NMC 2008). Reflection is a valuable device for the continuation of expert advancement among attendants (Somerville and Keeling 2004). The word reflection starts from the action word reflectere which intends to curve or turn in reverse (Hancock 1998). It is a device, which not at all like reading material and recordings, doesn't have a restricted timeframe of realistic usability, it is financially savvy, is versatile and can be utilized around the world. Persistent Profile The part of nursing care I have decided to think about is the consideration of a patient who required enteral cylinder taking care of (ETF) because of dysphagia a condition wherein the activity of gulping is hard to perform (Unison Health Care 1998). This nursing intercession was fundamental for a patient in my consideration, who I will call John. It would be ideal if you see addendum 2 for Johns past clinical history. The Plan of Treatment for John John was admitted to my territory of training six days back after his CVA. He is accepting ETF through a NG tube as a quick intercession and is being evaluated to check whether he is an appropriate contender for a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube which are utilized as an increasingly perpetual type of enteral cylinder taking care of (Holmes 2004). The nasogastric tube is around 22 inches [55.9cm] long (Holmes 2004) and was embedded into his left nostril down through the pharynx, through the throat and through the cardiovascular sphincter muscle and into the stomach (Marieb 2001). Food can be regulated through the cylinder straightforwardly into the stomach and the gulping procedure doesn't have to occur. The food is controlled by a siphon that controls the measure of feed given in mls every hour. This portrayal could seem as if ETF is consistently sheltered and powerful and has no entanglements. Elia (2001) attests that ETF is regularly protected and simple to control. Anyway John experienced various troubles that could have been amended sooner than they were. On impression of Johns care it is obvious to see (with the advantage of knowing the past) that if Johns care was overseen contrastingly and if complexities were seen and followed up on instantly, his medical clinic experience could have been totally different. 1.) Returning to the experience Problems John confronted. John experienced two fundamental confusions because of ETF. The first was disgorging of the feed into his throat and mouth and the second was looseness of the bowels. The pace of the feed had been expanded over a time of days to its ideal rate, following the ETF rules gave by the NHS believe that I was working in. The mixture was started during the night while he was dozing to permit John more noteworthy opportunity during the day as he could be detached from the siphon. The spewing forth occurred during the primary night that the siphon was running at the ideal stream rate. Davis and Shere (1994) report that disgorging is a typical complexity of ETF. As an outcome, John needed to gobble what had come up into his mouth. The basis for John to experience enteral cylinder taking care of was to forestall further weight reduction and goal which can be brought about by dysphagia (DeLegge 1995, Gibbon 2002 and Davies 1999). Desire has different implications, anyway in this setting it allude s to the development of remote material for example liquids or food, into the trachea and further down into the lungs (Unison Health Care 1998). This can happen when the gulping instrument is ineffectual or disabled. Disease of the flap of the lung, in which the remote material has held up, happens. This is called desire pneumonia (Unison Health Care 1998). Patients experiencing dysphagia are in danger of creating goal pneumonia (DeLegge 1995 and Gibbon 2002). ETF was initiated to defeat this hazard yet now the very mediation that was planned to dispense with the hazard has caused a significantly more serious danger of goal pneumonia. As indicated by Marieb (2001) there are two phases of deglutition (gulping). The buccal stage, which is an intentional activity, happens in the mouth and is the main period of deglutition. The tongue logically hoists anteriorly to posteriorly, impelling the bolus through the oral depression. At the point when the bolus has moved to the base of the tongue, the delicate sense of taste is raised, keeping food from being disgorged through the nasal entry (Davies 1999). The second is the automatic pharyngeal-oesophageal stage which Davies (1999) depicts as an unpredictable succession of strong developments. After a CVA the capacity to start the auxiliary period of deglutition can be disturbed bringing about insufficient or complete disappointment of this period of deglutition. This short clarification of pathophysiology exhibits that it is so essential to know nursing methods of reasoning for nursing intercessions. Patients experiencing dysphagia can in some cases beat the issue by eating a pureed diet and drinking thickened liquids, yet this relies upon the seriousness of the dysphagia (Stringer 1999). John needs ETF since his dysphagia is too best in class to even think about being overwhelmed by an adjustment in diet. Arrowsmith (1993) suggests that patients who are getting ETF by means of a NG tube that are lying in bed, ought to have their head and shoulders raised 30-40 degrees during taking care of and as long as one hour a short time later to limit gastric pooling and reflux of the feed. This model exhibits how a straightforward activity can have a considerable effect on the nature of care that they experience. It has the twofold motivation behind Effect of the nature of care that they experience. It has twofold reason for advancing the viability of the intercession and limits mischief to the patient by lessening the danger of desire pneumonia. Evaluating for indications of goal in a patient experiencing dysphagia ought to consistently be paid attention to by nursing staff. Stringer (1999) reports that if dysphagia is not kidding enough it can keep the casualty from gulping their own salivation. The normal individual swallows around multiple times every day 146 when eating, 394 when alert and not eating and multiple times during rest (Davies 1999). With the normal individual gulping truly multiple times every day, patients are in danger of suctioning (on their own salivation) paying little mind to ETF. Barer (1989) found that more than 33% of cognizant intense stroke patients admitted to medical clinic had risky gulping. Davies (1999) refering to Ellul and Barer (1994) avows that dysphagia in the initial three days after stroke is related with a five to ten times expanded danger of chest disease during the main week. This is because of fluctuating degrees of goal. Goal is a conceivably deadly intricacy of ETF. John additionally experienced three scenes of the runs since beginning ETF. John was just furnished with a chest which was just managing the side effects instead of rewarding the reason. No contact was made with the senior house official or dietician. Moreover there didn't seem, by all accounts, to be a lot of worry among the nursing group and there was no conversation or sharing of information between partners acknowledge what originated from myself. I mentioned to my tutor what I had been perusing during my appearance time and brought up certain reasons that have been recognized as causing loose bowels for patients getting ETF. The demeanor of my guide was unresponsive, and remarked, Hes bound to get a bug, give it time, it will pass. This stunned me as Somerville and Keeling (2004) reports that the nursing calling relies upon a culture of shared help, and this was not what I got from my tutor. I needed to examine the temperature of the feed, his present prescription and the tidiness where the feed was arranged and directed. On the off chance that the feed is too cool when it is regulated it can cause looseness of the bowels (Arrowsmith 2003). Howell (2002) reports that looseness of the bowels can be the aftereffect of ETF yet it can likewise be because of the symptoms of meds. Anti-microbials can cause the regular side effect of looseness of the bowels (BMA 2001) however John was not accepting any. Looseness of the bowels in ETF can likewise be caused through the presentation of microscopic organisms through poor cleanliness guidelines in the arrangement and organization of the feed; anyway the planning and organization shouldn't be performed aspptically. This is possibly demonstrated if the patient is immunocompromised (Arrowsmith 1993). My expert information advised me that I was unable to excuse the loose bowels as an incident. In the event that there were nursing intercessions that could be utilized and I didnt use them, I would be neglecting to give quality consideration to my patient. Attendants are mindful for their activities as well as for their oversights (NMC 2008). I needed to allude to every others proficient information through conversation, and to the ETF rules to check whether there was a straightforward reason to the difficult that could be corrected before interview with the specialist or dietician got vital. I had the option to preclude most factors that can cause looseness of the bowels. This persuaded the implantation rate could be excessively quick. These are the components that I needed to talk about with my guide so I could contact the dietician to look for help from the multidisciplinary group. Gibbon (2002) s tates that stroke care requires the administrations of a multi-proficient group, moving in the direction of an

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There Are No Children Here Essay Example for Free

There Are No Children Here Essay Youngsters are incredible imitators. So give them something incredible to copy. (Anonymous)† In the 1980 Chicago ghettos this statement couldn’t be more genuine. The ghettos were/are an awful spot for kids, yet everybody to live. The Henry Horner homes specifically are brimming with death, medications, and neediness. This may not appear the best spot for kids to be raised, yet for a few, they know nothing extraordinary. The consistent group inconvenience, sedate dealing, and escaping stray shots are a regular event for individuals living in these administration lodging edifices. The demolition is an endless cycle. The guardians get into medications and brutality, and the kids must choose the option to mirror their folks and everybody around them as they grow up. The finish of the cycle is inconspicuous for most, yet for a few, for example, Lajoe Rivers that cycle will end with her most youthful five kids. â€Å"But you know, there are no youngsters here. They’ve seen a lot to be youngsters. (Lajoe)† The plot starts in the late spring of 1987, the young men, Lafeyette and Pharoah Rivers are making the most of their time close to the tracks looking for snakes. Here, the young men could be youngsters. They could let their minds go out of control and they could simply enjoy a reprieve from the appalling life they have holding up at home. Lafeyette and Pharoah are a piece of huge family living in the Chicago ventures. Their mom, Lajoe, has eight kids; the three more established ones have gradually tumbled insane, yet the five more youthful get an opportunity to do great. Lajoe invests heavily in her kids and does all that she can to raise them to be upstanding residents and avoid inconvenience. She is significantly baffled in the manner her initial three turned out, so she makes it a point to hold the more youthful children under severe management. On account of the nonattendance of their medication dependent dad, Lafeyette, a kid himself, plays the job of man of the house. He pays special mind to his kin and deals with his mom. In any event, when Lajoe loses her government assistance check, her Lafeyette remains steadfast and consoles her it will all be alright. Throughout their lives, the youngsters face everything from drugs, savagery, assault, detainment, and more awful of all, demise. They realize rapidly that they should grow up quick to defeat the depression that shadows their regular day to day existences. Lajoe makes a decent attempt to save the young people of Pharoah and the triplets. Along these lines, a large portion of the duty gets put on Lafeyette and his youth is immediately taken from him. All through the boy’s lives, there are noteworthy occasions that shape the manner in which they grow up and how they figure out how to adapt to their environmental factors. For Lafeyette, losing a few dear companions to rough passings brings about him abhorring posses, and furthermore disdaining cops. Pharoah in the end winds up having awful emotions towards the white individuals that simply offer scorn and never help, to the useless dark young men. Bigotry assumes a gigantic job in the boy’s lives, and the more seasoned they get the more they can see and get it. Be that as it may, at long last, Lajoe is effective in what she envisioned and sought after. Lafeyette, Pharoah, and the triplets all end up being acceptable children and generally, avoid inconvenience. The lodging complex is set up with the appearance of Vincent Lane, and updates on Terence getting his GED warms his mother’s heart. Among the principle characters is a little youngster, Pharoah Rivers. Pharoah, around nine years of age in the start of the book is the fifth kid conceived of Lajoe Rivers. Life in the undertakings negatively affects poor youthful Pharoah. He is mature enough to comprehend what is happening, yet at the same time youthful enough that he takes cover behind his childhood to shield himself from the startling encounters of most youngsters living in the Henry Horner homes. All through the story, Pharoah’s character switches on a here and there thrill ride. In the first place he is an extremely timid, blameless, energetic little fellow who will in general mind his own business. He goes through a large portion of his days wandering off in fantasy land to get away from his startling life. He ponders the trees, the pooch, the snakes, all the littler things throughout everyday life and it fulfills him. He is frequently scorned for being little for his age, yet his drive for information compensates for his size and he exceeds expectations in school. Despite the fact that Pharoah battles with a falter and it appears to deteriorate all through the greater part of his adolescence, he figures out how to conquer it and enjoys extraordinary addressing questions and standing up in class. His mom savored the way that her child was so splendid for his age, and frequently gloated about the little fellow. Pharoah will be Pharoah. He’s going to be something,† she would tell companions. â€Å"When he was an infant, I held him up and inquired as to whether he’d be the one. I’ve consistently needed to see one of my children move on from secondary sc hool. I inquired as to whether he’d be the one to get me a recognition. † (Lajoe, 116) I learn about that of the considerable number of characters in the book, I relate most to Pharoah. Despite the fact that I am not a little dark kid living in the undertakings, nor do I have any comparative beneficial encounters; our characters equal in a few unique manners. Growing up I was the little stick young lady that every other person would ridicule. As a result of my hard figure I was frequently prodded and thought to be more youthful than I truly was. What's more, as Pharoah, I figured out how to look past how little I was and assemble my entire existence and force with my psyche. I exceeded expectations in school each time of my life. Through primary school I was granted authentications for my accomplishments and selected into the â€Å"Talented and Gifted† program at my school. I was shrewd for my age, right around two or three years ahead in certain subjects. This continued through center school, secondary school, and even through school. I endeavor to give a valiant effort, similarly as Pharoah does. I can envision that Pharoah’s mind looks fairly like mine did when I was his age. I had the greatest creative mind and regularly utilized it as a departure from typical life. No, typical life for me was not medications, packs, and road viciousness; however I despite everything had an occasionally unfilled and unnerving reality. My military family and I lived abroad the entirety of my adolescence and my dad was regularly missing because of battling for our nation. Consistently he was gone my kin and I would think about whether we could ever get the opportunity to see him again, or in the event that he would be slaughtered carrying out his responsibility and stay away for the indefinite future. That was my alarming reality, and the steady nonattendance of my dad made me dream and life in a dreamland the vast majority of my days. Along these lines, I can comprehend why Pharoah makes a decent attempt to clutch his adolescence and how he can life consistently in a fantasy to get away from the unforgiving truth of his life. â€Å"As the little youngsters sought after one another from one finish of the parking area to the next, Pharoah remained without anyone else on the building’s back stoop. He inclined toward the dark metal rail. Jaw close by, and gazed into space, giving little consideration to the screaming kids only a couple of yards away. (Kotlowitz, 61) Poverty, the state or state of having next to zero cash, merchandise, or methods for help; state of being poor (Webster Dictionary). Neediness is a steady issue for the America, yet everywhere throughout the world. This topic runs the course of the books story, and is obviously appeared in the lives of Project occ upants. All through the story the pattern of neediness is unmistakably appeared. The day to day environments and reliance on government assistance is an unmistakable case of what neediness resembles. Packs run the lanes, drugs run the posses; and with both of these comes brutality. For most in the Projects, the best way to live is through criminal behavior. Frequently it is simpler to get into and quicker to bring in cash. Furthermore, for most, it is almost difficult to get away. In the book there is notice of â€Å"The Other America†, alluding to the activities. Since America endeavors to be the best nation residents regularly attempt to shroud the destitution that runs our downtown lanes. For the well off it is simpler to simply dismiss and imagine this â€Å"other America† doesn’t exist. â€Å"Horner sat so near the city’s business locale that from the Sears Tower perception deck, voyagers could have watched Lafeyette duck gunfire on his birthday. (Kotlowitz, 13) Poverty is a reality for some Americans. The steady dependence on food stamps, government assistance, and government lodging is the thing that these individuals live like. Interestingly, Americans would prefer to imagine this doesn’t go on in our nation than effe ctively fix it. For me, this doesn’t bode well. Since my mom works for First Steps; a legislature subsidized program for oppressed families with youngsters with handicaps, I have seen firsthand what neediness in America resembles. At the point when I help my mom on her activity and we enter the overview unsubsidized houses or the separated trailers and shacks it gives me the mind-boggling sentiment of despise and outrage towards our legislature and individuals. There is no explanation there ought to be such a great amount of destitution in our nation. I feel if American residents would quit stressing over every other person on the planet and simply attempt to fix our nation; a lion's share of neediness could be disposed of. â€Å"Many times, American residents talk about helping abroad in immature nations. As a worldwide understudy, I value that. Be that as it may, if there is destitution directly over the road, why not help those of where you live? † (Molina, 1) Exactly! For what reason would we say we are sending such a lot of cash out of our country? At long last all that will do is harmed us. America isn't the main nation to have issues with sending cash away; a British author expresses that it is indecent to pull back their assets to lesser nations, yet the rich ought to likewise be progressively liberal as in they offer more to their own nation, not every other person (Glennie). A little liberality is everything necessary. Ther are numerous individuals in America that have a huge number of dollars. It doe

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How to Avoid Unbudgeted Spending - OppLoans

How to Avoid Unbudgeted Spending - OppLoans How to Avoid Unbudgeted Spending How to Avoid Unbudgeted SpendingUnplanned spending that falls outside your budget is a great way to drain your savings and leave yourself in a financially perilous position.Going over budget can happen even to the best spendthrifts. It can be a big purchase or lots of little ones, but, either way, going over budget is bad news for your wallet! If youre overspending and constantly dipping into your savings, you might find yourself needing to take out a short-term bad credit loan or no credit check loan (like a payday loan or cash advance) when a surprise bill rears its ugly head.While there can’t be a little goblin hiding in your wallet to keep you from spending your money (though that would be kind of fun) there are some ways to keep your financial life on track! Whether it’s using the good old fashioned cash-only method (where you only spend cash and don’t use your cards) or locking your credit cards to disallow use, there are options out there for you.Reigning in your unbudge ted missteps is an important thing to do before the spending catches up with you.Start small.Are you a small spender? Someone who buys a lot of little things and thinks it’s better for your overall finances? You’d be wrong. While not as jarring as a major spend, those little purchases are quick to catch up to you.According to Mint, it’s fairly easy to forget those standard little buys here and there until you add them up at the end of the week or month. It’s only then that you realize how much you’re really spending.“It could be the $5 coffee now and then or that $20 on getting your nails done each month,” Mint said. “These small purchases soon add up. Just think: $5 per day on your coffee to work is $25 in a five-day working weekend. Say you had two weeks vacation; thats $1,250 each year spent that youre not accounting for. Track every little expenditure that you make. It doesnt matter how small or infrequent it is, it all adds up and will give you the true idea of the amount youre spending.”It’s perfectly fine to spend a little on yourself here and there (you work hard, so you should treat yourself), but those treats need to be manageable. It makes it a little less fun or spontaneous, but try budgeting those little expenses each month. Tell yourself you won’t spend more than $50 or $100 or whatever fits your goals and try your best to stick to it.Keep your eyes up.“Keeping up with the Joneses” might be an old adage, yet it doesn’t stop being true even in the digital age. There is a certain kind of peer pressure to do as well as or better than those around you, even if it isn’t something you consciously think about. But that wont stop peer pressure or an attempt to keep up your appearances from derailing your financial goals.Jocelyn Black Hodes of HerMoney ascribes societal pressures as major financial influences. It can be difficult to say no when your friends want to get together for dinner at an expensive restaurant. It’s di fficult to discuss money because it’s a sensitive topic. But you have to be honest with yourself and your financial situation to avoid going into a hole.Hodes says the attempt to keep up appearances simply restarts the cycle of overspending and while it can be hard to step out of the cycle, it’s important to take that step.“Focus on your goals, rather than your neighbors.” she said. “Take some time alone to think about what’s most important to youâ€"what you want to have in your life (independent of what your peers may have). Once you’ve identified your goals and what you’ll need to get there, keep them front of mind (it may sound corny, but visual reminders help). When you’re saving money for something that’s important to you, what your neighbors are doing with theirs will seem less important.”Don’t touch.Treat retail like a museum. If you touch something you might not be allowed back.That sounds silly, but there is a temptation in touching an item. It influ ences you into thinking you need it or tempts you to put it into your basket/cart. So don’t let that idea even pass through your mind. Just don’t touch anything you aren’t setting out to buy anyway. Is it on the list of must-haves? Then leave it be.“Studies have shown that customers who actually pick up an item or try something on are more likely to buy said product,” according to only can holding an item influence whether or not you buy something, but what you are already holding can influence it too. Big Think has a similar take on the issue which includes a study done that found subjects were drawn to items similar to ones they were already holding.For example, if you are holding your smartphone and craving a candy bar, you will be more likely to want a Kit-Kat than any other variety. Why? Shape and weight distribution. Your brain is already aware of the concept of that shape and size, so it only makes sense that it would want something it’s familiar with.Embrace your inner artiste.When it comes to overspending, sometimes special occasions can foil even the stingiest penny pincher. No matter what the case may be, however, there is a way around even the biggest celebration. The heart can provide the greatest gifts of allâ€"which can also save you some money if you’re willing to put in the time.In respecting your personal budget, Success Story suggests using your creativity to come up with something spectacular for the person you’re celebrating which never has to break the bank.According to Success Story, “Whenever there is a party, a birthday or any occasion, when you need to buy gifts, you should use your creativity. Make gifts yourself instead of buying anything from outside. Use your imagination and make precious gifts for your loved ones. The gifts which you will make with your hands include love, care and affection; so these will be more precious for your relatives and friends in comparison to the gifts you buy from th e shops.”The better you are with spending, the easier it will be to save money and avoid using short-term personal loans and installment loans to cover surprise expenses. To learn more about budgeting and saving money, check out these related posts and articles from OppLoans:Save More Money with These 40 Expert TipsBuilding Your Financial Life: Budgeting for BeginnersFinancial Basics: Expert Tips for Smarter SpendingHow to Budget and Save Money When You’re Making Minimum WageDo you have a personal finance question youd like us to answer? Let us know! You can find us  on  Facebook  and  Twitter.  |Instagram

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Child Abuse Is A Social Problem Essay - 2160 Words

Child abuse is a social problem that continuously produces a wave of concern. The State of New Jersey Department of Children and Families explains that â€Å"Abuse is the physical, sexual or emotional harm or risk of harm to another child under the age of 18 caused by a parent or other person who acts as a caregiver for the child† (2016). The harsh reality of child abuse and its consequences is recognized throughout this essay. The cost of child abuse can be understood through direct and indirect costs. Direct costs describe those of â€Å"the child welfare system, judicial and law enforcement, health and mental health systems† (New Jersey Child Assault Prevention, 2015). Comparatively, indirect costs apply to much more long term problems/a turn of events the child victim and their abuser(s) may have. These costs involve the effects abuse has or may have in regards to â€Å"education, mental health, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, welfare dependency, domestic violenc e, homelessness, juvenile delinquency and adult criminality† (New Jersey Child Assault Prevention, 2015). It costs a substantial amount of money to deal with child abuse. Moving away from these consequences, it is arguable that â€Å"children exposed to violence or abuse, if left unaddressed or ignored, are at an increased risk for emotional and behavioral problems in the future. They may not be able to express their feelings safely and as a result, may develop difficulties regulating their emotions† (Joyful HeartShow MoreRelatedThe Social Problem Of Child Abuse Essay1409 Words   |  6 Pagesare a variety of social issues that shape and make the world the way it is today. These social problems can either affect the economy, humans, and neighborhood communities ranging from local or national. One social problem that has increased among humans today is child abuse. Child abuse is the physical mistreatment of a child by a parent or caregiver who is held responsible fo r a child at their time of care. It can be physical, sexual, or psychological. These forms of abuse can happen in manyRead MoreChild Abuse Is A Social Problem977 Words   |  4 PagesWhen a child is abused or neglected, it not only affects them when they are children, but also affects them when they become functioning adults in society. A sociological social psychology perspective that can be applied to explain why child abuse happens which is the social structure and personality perspective. This perspective can also find a way to solve child abuse in the home. Child abuse is a social problem that has been happening for plenty of decades in our society and with the social structureRead MoreThe Social Problem Of Child Abuse2093 Words   |  9 PagesThe social problem that I researched was child abuse. The term child abuse is defined as Any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or e xploitation; or An act or failure to act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm†(Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2013). Every state is responsible for providing its own definition of child abuse and neglect within the minimum standards set by CAPTA.Read MoreChild Abuse- Social Problems Essays870 Words   |  4 PagesSocial Problems Child Abuse Child abuse is the physical, sexual, emotional mistreatment, or neglect of children. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or also known as CDC defines child abuse as any act or series of acts by a parent or other caregiver that could result in harm to a child. Most child abuse occurs in a childs home, but it could also be found within organizations, schools, or communities that the child interacts with. There are four majorRead MoreAnalysis Of Barbara Nelson s Book Making An Issue Of Child Abuse Political Agenda Setting For Social Problems Essay1556 Words   |  7 PagesThe social problems that face our country continuously surround our government. Politicians, although they attempt to avoid these issues are constantly in the eye of the public. Social problems can be determined as, â€Å"†¦some condition, set of events, or group of persons constitutes a troublesome situation that needs to be changed or ameliorated †. In Barbara J. Nelson ’s book Making an Issue of Child Abuse Political Agenda Setting for Social Problems, the author broke down the history of child abuseRead MoreThe Problem Of Child Abuse1134 Words   |  5 Pagesfollowing paper is about Child Abuse. This paper will look into the description of the problem, the policies that has helped solved the problem, involvement in resolving the problem, and person recommendations on changing the approach of the problem. Description of the Problem/History Child abuse is a form of any sexual activity that a child doesn’t give consent to. Whether it may be sexually or physically if the child is not mentally ready it is still a form of abuse. Child abuse also can lead to differentRead MoreThe Sociological Imagination And The Social Issue Of Child Abuse1492 Words   |  6 Pageswas a concept argued by C. Wright Mills was and still is a valuable tool to help people look at, understand and interpret their everyday lives and social world around them (in which they live). The argued perspective will be discussed through the use of the Sociological Imagination with the Personal Problem of Depression and the Social Issue of Child Abuse with what can be done to solve both of these ‘Dilemmas of Youth’. 2. 1. Sociological Imagination The Sociological Imagination is a form of criticalRead More Sociology: Identifying Social Problems Essay1671 Words   |  7 PagesIdentifying Social Problems The definition of a social problem varies greatly depending on whether an objectivist approach or a constructionist approach is taken. This is because sociologists that adopt these unique perspectives will differ in how they view the nature of a social problem. The objectivist definition of a social problem is perhaps more common sense because it suggests that the essence of social problems lies in objective social conditions and that some conditions areRead MoreEssay about Understanding and Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect1340 Words   |  6 PagesDave Pelzer, A Child Called It   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Child abuse, the physical and/or emotional abuse of a child by a parent, guardian, or other person, is a major problem in the United States. Child abuse, including sexual abuse, beating, and murder have increased and it is believed that many cases go unreported. Another for of child abuse is child neglect, which includes malnutrition, desertion, and inadequate care for a child.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Efforts have increased on the primary prevention of child abuse. This must beRead MoreChild Welfare Essay1260 Words   |  6 PagesEthics and Social Justice | HUM220 A02 Module 5, Assignment 1: Analyzing a Social Policy 6/2013 In the past, more importantly today, many social policies have been created by humans, and can therefore also be destroyed by them as well. Social policies were designed to resolve issues that are â€Å"considered important by a mass of voters, media, and political actors† (Argosy, 2013). Social policy are only the start of help for some, yet they aren’t always

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How to Create Your Own Homeschool Curriculum

Many homeschooling parents—even those who start out using a pre-packaged curriculum—decide somewhere along the way to take advantage of the freedom homeschooling allows by creating their own course of study. If youve never created your own teaching plan, it can sound daunting. But taking the time to put together a customized curriculum for your family can save you money and make your homeschooling experience much more meaningful. Here are some general steps to follow to help you design a curriculum for any subject. 1. Review Typical Courses of Study by Grade First, you may want to research what other children in public and private schools are studying in each grade in order to make sure your children are covering approximately the same material as other students their age. The detailed guidelines linked below can help you set standards and goals for  your own curriculum. Typical Course of Study for Elementary SchoolTypical Course of Study for Sixth GradeTypical Course of Study for Seventh GradeTypical Course of Study for Eighth GradeTypical Course of Study for Ninth GradeTypical Course of Study for Tenth GradeTypical Course of Study for Eleventh GradeTypical Course of Study for Twelfth Grade 2. Do Your Research. Once you have determined what subjects you will cover, you may need to do some research to make sure you are up-to-date on the particular topic, particularly if its one you are not already familiar with.   One solid way to get a quick overview of a new subject? Read a well-written book on the topic aimed at middle schoolers! Books for that level will tell you everything you need to know to cover the topic for younger students, but still be comprehensive enough to get you started on a high school level. Other resources you can use include: Popular nonfiction young adult books;Websites about a subject for students;Review books written for high school students;Self-help books for adults (such as the For Dummies series);Textbooks, particularly ones that are recommended by other homeschoolers. As you read, make notes on key concepts and topics you may want to cover. 3. Identify Topics to Cover. Once youve gotten a broad view of the subject, start thinking about what concepts you want your children to learn. Dont feel you have to cover everything—many educators today feel that digging deep into a few core areas is more useful than skimming over many topics briefly. It helps if you organize related topics into units. That gives you more flexibility and cuts down on work. (See below for more work-saving tips.) 4. Ask Your Students. Ask your children what they would like to study. We all retain facts more readily when were studying a topic that captivates us. Your children may be interested in topics that fall right in line with what youd want to cover anyway, such as the American Revolution or insects. However, even topics that may not seem educational on the surface can provide valuable learning opportunities. You can study them as-is, weave in related concepts, or use them as a springboard for more in-depth topics. 5. Create a Timetable. Figure out how long you would like to spend on the subject. You can take a year, a semester, or a few weeks. Then decide how much time you want to devote to each topic you want to cover. I recommend creating a schedule around units instead of individual topics. Within that time period, you can list all the topics you think your family would like to learn about. But dont worry about individual topics until you get there. That way, if you decide to drop a topic, youll avoid doing extra work. For instance, you may want to devote three months to the Civil War. But you dont need to plan out how to cover each battle until you dive in and see how it goes. 6. Select High-quality Resources. One big plus of homeschooling is that it lets you use choose the very best resources available, whether they are textbooks or alternatives to textbooks. That includes picture books and comics, movies, videos, and toys and games, as well as online resources and apps. Fiction and narrative nonfiction (true stories about inventions and discoveries, biographies, and so on) can also be useful learning tools. 7. Schedule Related Activities. Theres more to learning a topic than accumulating facts. Help your kids put the topics you cover into context by scheduling in field trips, classes, and community events that relate to the subject you are studying. Search out museum exhibits or programs in your region. Find experts (college professors, craftspeople, hobbyists) who might be willing to talk to your family or homeschool group. And be sure to include lots of hands-on projects. You dont have to put them together from scratch -- there are lots of well-made science kits and arts and crafts kits, as well as activity books that give you step-by-step directions. Dont forget activities like  cooking, making costumes, creating ABC books, or building models. 8. Find Ways to Demonstrate What Your Kids Have Learned. Written tests are just one way to see how much your students  have learned about a subject. You can have them put together a research project that includes an essay, charts, timelines, and written or visual presentations. Kids can also reinforce what theyve learned by making artwork, writing stories or plays, or creating music inspired by the subject. Bonus Tips: How to make writing your own curriculum quicker and easier: Start small. When youre writing your own curriculum for the first time, it helps to start with one unit study or one subject.Keep it flexible. The more detailed your teaching plan, the less likely you are to stick to it. Within your subject, pick a few general topics you want to touch on. Dont worry if you come up with more topics than you can possibly cover in one year. If one topic doesnt work for your family, youll have options to move on to. And nothing says you cant continue on with a subject for more than a year.Choose topics that interest you and/or your kids. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you child is fascinated with a subject, chances are you will pick up some factoids about it as well. The same goes for you: Teachers who love their topic can make anything sound interesting. Writing your own curriculum doesnt have to be a daunting task. You might be surprised to discover how much you enjoy personalizing your familys curriculum—and how much you learn along the way. Updated by Kris Bales

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Therapeutic Intervention And Anxiety Disorders †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Therapeutic Intervention And Anxiety Disorders. Answer: Introduction According to the DSM-5 category of Anxiety disorders, Social anxiety disorders are also known as social phobia. It is a type of an anxiety disorder that includes disturbances in an individual when and around social interactions because they are mainly concerned of being uncomfortable and critically judged by others. However, with people suffering from this disorder they are found to be discomfort by experiencing fear as well as anxiety along with some may also experience autonomic arousals that involves nauseas, diaphoresis, apnea, tremors and tachycardia. Moreover, social anxiety disorders can hamper the daily life activities that involve social situations (Iverach and Rapee 2014). They may want to interact with others but their anxiety becomes unbearable and restrains from participating. It can further guide a person to isolation and stagnation of developing any social skills that can further increase the already existing social anxiety. However this is a case report where the theo retical intervention of the chosen case study that of the client named Mr. Piyal who is 30 years old male who is single and living with his mother and his younger brother. This report will further explain the treatment plan, the rationale behind choosing the type of therapies and lastly, evaluating the strength and weakness of the chosen approach. Rationale The client has come up with the presenting complaints that clearly states that he is having difficulty in social situations where he is encountering with an unexplained fear because he thinks that he is being critically observed and scrutinized by the people around him in any social situation. From the last 12years, this client has been facing this difficulty. Moreover, it has been observed from his history of presenting complaints that earlier also he had faced the difficulty of not being able to talk to a person in the presence of others followed by he was use to restrict himself from communication in the fear of being observed by others. In his following days, he not only had to resign from his post of being the prefect but also left his workplace due to his increasing discomforts and limitation in articulating words. As days passed he avoided family gatherings like get together, parties or weddings. Therefore, from the symptoms it is clear that the client is suffering from Social anxiety disorder. Now, if the perspective of psychodynamics is considered for this case then from that outlook social anxiety disorder is assumed part of a wider problem that has emerged during childhood. Researchers supporting the psychodynamic perspective consider social anxiety disorders to be a disorder of childhood onset (Andersson et al. 2012). Thus, from the psychodynamic perspectives social anxiety disorders are the outcome of the early experiences the client had or the attachment he has with his caregiver as well as other essential people in his life. There is no such reliable psychodynamic theory of social anxiety disorder however; many beliefs seem to exist underneath this perspective. Thus, according to the psychodynamic viewpoint it is seem that social anxiety disorder can be an outcome from the following reasons in an individual- It might be the case that the individual may have been in a situation of shame and humiliation evoked by autocratic parents There might be a constant conflict going on in the individual of what he needs to achieve as well as succeed and the inner fear of success There might also be a conflict in the individual where his need for independence and his fear of being rejected or abandoned by the parents Lastly, there might also be a narcissistic fear residing in the individual that he might not make a perfect impression in the eyes of others. Therefore, from the causes and the approach discussed it can be said that the treatment plan for the client should focus mainly on counseling along with which medications can be given to the client (Archer et al. 2012). Fears that is linked with the social anxiety disorder must be overcomes and for that the best therapy is cognitive behavior therapy which should involve the exposure therapy for treating this particular client with social anxiety disorder. Counseling is way much important than medicines to reduce anxiety because here the client can slowly exposed to fear evoking situations and the fear evoking situation gets linked to a response of indifference and relaxation (McLeod 2014). Treatment My role in this case is that of a psychotherapist and the clients role is to follow and get involved in the therapy process that can take weeks, month or years to be cured. However, as a psychotherapist my work will be to assist and treat my client Mr. Piyal who is experiencing discomforts in the areas of psychological and emotional sphere. Thus, as per my roles are concerned I need to help my client to understand their problems and help them make proper changes in his lives. Therefore, with the help of a therapist the client can cope up faster with the feelings and symptoms and modify their patterns of behavior that is contributing to his illness (Dryden and Mytton 2016). The role of the clients who is here for the treatment must possess the following characteristics like- He must be motivated enough to follow the therapist He must be flexible and adaptable with the changes he had to come up with Most importantly he must be honest to the therapist otherwise the treatment will have no positive outcome The client should be consistent with his appointments and should continue his sessions as scheduled by the therapist Must have proper verbal communicative skills so that he can tell his problems clearly Apart from the issues that are earlier stated in the above section, that are the important issues pointed out from the clients presenting complaints there are certain less necessary issues as well that may have affected my client like self-esteem. In this type of disorders individuals are very much low in their self-esteem and found to be depressed as well because of their fear of being with larger group of people which may increase and become unbearable to tackle it and thus, as a result they starts worrying too much about facing such situations again in near future. Apart from this, my clinical eyes suggest that life experiences or social factors also have contributed for my client (Yen et al. 2012). There are many other risk factors prevailing for social anxiety disorders which are as following- Genetics Nurture- might be that the parents were overprotecting Life experiences- might have faced any kind of bullying, rejection or humiliation compared to others or any kind of negative experience individual personality- inborn traits like withdrawn, restrained timid or shy in a new situation demanding ordeal- A negative experience for the very first time in any situation can evoke the stimuli for social anxiety disorder Therapeutic plan Aim of the techniques Timeframe Role of the client and evaluation Ethical considerations Counseling- the type of counseling process that seem to have been more frequently used in this treating a client of social anxiety disorder are- cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)- The aim behind particularly choosing this therapy is mainly because it will help the client to first identify his anxiety provoking situations and the anxieties itself that is making the client anxious (Hofmann et al. 2012). At the very beginning, the client can feel uncomfortable in describing his situations that create fear in him but with the following sessions, he will realize that it is an important part of his recovery (Leichsenring et al. 2013). However, there are several CBT therapies that can be used for treating individuals with social anxiety disorders but the selected ones for this particular client is Exposure and Social skill training therapies (Meuret et al. 2012). These two are selected mainly because in the first one the client will be eventually exposed to a feared situation until the fear diminishes. In addition, in the second one the client will be guided to develop those skills that are needed in social situations. Medication- The medicines that can be effective to this client is Benzodiazepines, which is effective in relieving anxiety because they act quickly, and Beta-blockers, which is very much effective in treating with the physical symptoms of anxiety (Bostwick, Casher and Yasugi 2012). For this client this medicine will help reduce this pounding of heart. These sessions will be holding twice a week for six months. The role of the client here remains that apart from being motivated as well as determined that he will be taking all the medicines properly at prescribed time. Moreover, he should be honest while narrating his experiences as well as when doing certain homework as referred by the therapists. He must also be flexible and adaptable in welcoming the changes with an open arm that are coming to his life due to the therapies and medications. Most importantly, the client must be continuing the last scheduled session of counseling so that he can be cured totally. However, during these sessions the client will be given certain homework that by the therapist that they should sincerely perform in the absence of the therapist and report honestly in the next session to his therapist. For exposure theory, the client can be said to go out and eat in public. At the beginning, the therapist himself might accompany him but then he has to go alone and finish his meal. Then for social skill training, the client might have to do rehearsals at home as well as role-playing even in the absence of the therapist to continue his practice to become more comfortable and feel prepared to face any feared social situation. The very first ethical consideration is being trustworthy to the client. This will make the client have the confidence that the therapist will guide them to the right tract and most importantly with confidentiality. As a therapist, he must always show respect to the client. Through this, the client will develop the ability to be self-directing in the therapy as well as in other aspect of his life. From the therapists side the client should get fair and unbiased treatment and the assurance of adequate services needed for him to be cured. This is how the therapist respects the human rights and dignity (Pope and Vasquez 2016). Evaluation and reflection The approaches that are outlined above in the treatment plan are mainly counseling which comprises of the cognitive behavioral therapy along with medication. The strength and weakness of both are discussed below- Strengths of CBT in treating social anxiety CBT is very much instructive in nature thereby the clients learn skills of rational self-counseling. The average number of CBT sessions is very few as compared to other therapies. CBT mainly focuses on how to make the client overcome his anxieties rather than only making him feel better for a shorter time. This therapy gives long-term results to the client because it corrects the cause of the issue. CBT therapies are mainly well structured because it minimize the possibility for which the sessions will not turn into a chat period which will not help much in accomplishing the therapy. Weaknesses of CBT Clients commitment is most important in CBT because a therapist can only guide him but the rest have to be carried out by the client himself. A much of initial time is wasted because the client suffering from Anxiety disorder might feel uncomfortable in confronting their emotions and anxieties. Few critics have stated that because CBT is only focused about the present and specific problems in a client therefore it fail to define the possible mental health conditions that are underlying causes for instance an unhappy childhood. Strength and weaknesses of medication in treating social anxiety disorder There are various types of medications through with social anxiety can be treated from which for this particular client of this report the medicines chosen are the traditional anti-anxiety drug called Benzodiazepineswhich is mainly prescribed for being in a short term use and Beta blockers. Benzodiazepines if taken regularly guides to physical dependence as well as increases the persons tolerance, therefore it makes the person opt for larger doses to get relief. The strength point is that this medicine works quickly and is very impactful when taken during panic attacks or in any immense anxiety episode. It helps the person to slow down both physically and mentally by relaxing the nervous system. Whereas, the common side effects of this medication on people can be blurred vision, headache, stomach upset, confusion, issue related to memory, drowsiness, slurred speech, improper coordination, problem in concentrating and dizziness (DellOsso and Lader 2013). On the other hand, Beta-blocke rs help the person to limit the effects of norepinephrine which is a kind of stress hormone in is a part of the flight or fight response in a person, which in turn control the physical symptoms in anxiety like for this client this medication, is prescribed for pounding heat rate. It is not much effective for decreasing the emotional symptoms of anxiety disorders like worry which the biggest drawback. This medicine is most trustworthy for people with Phobias especially social phobia and performance anxiety. The common side effects of this medication are sleepiness, fatigue, dizziness, weakness, diarrhea, constipation, nausea and headache (Steg et al. 2012). Conclusion To conclude this report, it can be said that that the client named Mr.Piyal who is of the age of 30years has been presented with the complaints of suffering from an unexplained fear in social situations which made him feel that others are observing and is critically judging him for the last 12years. Due to this his history of illness suggests that he left his job and even avoided family get together, parties and even weddings. Based on his presenting complaints, history of illness along with his mental status examinations it has been found that the client is suffering from Social anxiety disorder. Thus, considering this a treatment plan has been made which stated that counseling and medication could be of great help to this particular client. In the counseling, process the therapy chosen for him is the cognitive behavioral therapy along with medications Benzodiazepines and Beta-blockers. CBT has been chosen because it is a well-structured therapy that focuses on the long-term cure of the client and followed by the medications, which apart from their side effects will help the client to get over his panic or anxious episodes and to help him to get over his physical issues. References American Psychiatric Association, 2013. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM-5). American Psychiatric Pub. Andersson, G., Paxling, B., Roch-Norlund, P., stman, G., Norgren, A., Almlv, J., Georn, L., Breitholtz, E., Dahlin, M., Cuijpers, P. and Carlbring, P., 2012. Internet-based psychodynamic versus cognitive behavioral guided self-help for generalized anxiety disorder: a randomized controlled trial. Psychotherapy and psychosomatics, 81(6), pp.344-355. Archer, J., Bower, P., Gilbody, S., Lovell, K., Richards, D., Gask, L., Dickens, C. and Coventry, P., 2012. Collaborative care for depression and anxiety problems. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 10. Bostwick, J.R., Casher, M.I. and Yasugi, S., 2012. Benzodiazepines: A Versatile Clinical Tool; Evidence Supports Their Use for Alcohol Withdrawal, Insomnia, Anxiety Disorders, and Other Conditions. Current Psychiatry, 11(4), p.54. DellOsso, B. and Lader, M., 2013. Do benzodiazepines still deserve a major role in the treatment of psychiatric disorders? A critical reappraisal. European Psychiatry, 28(1), pp.7-20. Dryden, W. and Mytton, J., 2016. Four approaches to counselling and psychotherapy. Routledge. Hofmann, S.G., Asnaani, A., Vonk, I.J., Sawyer, A.T. and Fang, A., 2012. The efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy: A review of meta-analyses. Cognitive therapy and research, 36(5), pp.427-440. Iverach, L. and Rapee, R.M., 2014. Social anxiety disorder and stuttering: Current status and future directions. Journal of fluency disorders, 40, pp.69-82. Leichsenring, F., Salzer, S., Beutel, M.E., Herpertz, S., Hiller, W., Hoyer, J., Huesing, J., Joraschky, P., Nolting, B., Poehlmann, K. and Ritter, V., 2013. Psychodynamic therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy in social anxiety disorder: a multicenter randomized controlled trial. American Journal of Psychiatry, 170(7), pp.759-767. McLeod, J., 2014. Doing research in counselling and psychotherapy. Sage. Meuret, A.E., Wolitzky-Taylor, K.B., Twohig, M.P. and Craske, M.G., 2012. Coping skills and exposure therapy in panic disorder and agoraphobia: latest advances and future directions. Behavior therapy, 43(2), pp.271-284. Offidani, E., Guidi, J., Tomba, E. and Fava, G.A., 2013. Efficacy and tolerability of benzodiazepines versus antidepressants in anxiety disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Psychotherapy and psychosomatics, 82(6), pp.355-362. Pope, K.S. and Vasquez, M.J., 2016. Ethics in psychotherapy and counseling: A practical guide. John Wiley Sons. Steg, P.G., Ferrari, R., Ford, I., Greenlaw, N., Tardif, J.C., Tendera, M., Abergel, H., Fox, K.M. and CLARIFY Investigators, 2012. Heart rate and use of beta-blockers in stable outpatients with coronary artery disease. PloS one, 7(5), p.e36284. Yen, J.Y., Yen, C.F., Chen, C.S., Wang, P.W., Chang, Y.H. and Ko, C.H., 2012. Social anxiety in online and real-life interaction and their associated factors. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 15(1), pp.7-12.